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Be Delicate with words and Actions

28th January, 2015

Post #26

This piece of writing relates to Sorcery and/or the manipulation of energy. I decided to start writing it after conversing with someone today about remote viewing and remote feeling. After connecting to another person’s energy, this lady I was speaking with said that: “I started to black out, I was weak heart racing shaking, felt like I was going to close my eyes and just drop.” She wondered what happened and why it happened.

            For better or worse, I had a couple of similar experiences. The most intense one was when I was smudging a friend who had gone through some very unpleasant experiences in her life. Amongst other things, she had mentioned that she went to see a psychic who told her that she had been cursed. Out of all tribes I must say that I think we (Romanians) are some of the people who to this day still deal a lot with curses, spells, incantations and such. Thus, I decided to help. So, as I was smudging her, I switched my Perception to get a better look into her Being – I wanted to know details.

            Suddenly my knees got weak, cold shivers started running through my body, my hair raised up on my arms and waves of energy kept rushing through me. I lowered myself down to the floor and stayed crossed-legged, adjusting my breathing to calm-down my body. It was intense.

            My friends were dumbfounded, just staring and asking me what was wrong. It took me a half a minute or so but I looked-up at my friend who I had been smudging and told her that her inner distress was overwhelming: it shook my Being out of place. I felt tired.

            No curse found, just chaotic energy: stress, worry, pain – I saw them all.

            What happened with me was simple – I did not protect myself enough from the Energy surrounding me and the Energy that I was working with (that of my friend). I lost my Balance and with that the Control I held. In such instances, one has to back-up and re-adjust. Remote feeling is a very powerful exercise. I can focus almost on anyone and know what they are feeling (more or less) – Energy does not lie.

            I was anything but delicate that night and it was a good lesson to learn. I moved too fast and I went into that experience based on the Ego saying that: “I should do all I can to help-out my friend.” I do know I can meddle with Energy in ways other people cannot and thought that was my call to action. Haha! Could not be more wrong - just because one can do something, it does not mean it should be done and it certainly should not be done because the Ego wants to.

            When dealing with Energy and manipulating it, smoothness and detachment helps greatly, especially when someone is not very experienced: be delicate and work without emotions. If one moves slowly, with care, one can perceive changes in energy easier and will not be caught by surprise.

            “Be Fluid Like Water” - Bruce Lee


An Alternate Reality

3rd October, 2014

Post #25

For the most part, our Perception creates our Reality. The way we see things often dictates how we interpret and understand our experiences/Life and for better or worse, I have been bending Perception for just under twenty years. Thus, I know one or two things about It.

            An Ojibwa man once told me that peace and happiness all rest within us (while he pointed with his left hand towards his chest). It does not matter where we go, or what circumstance we find ourselves in, our state of mind is always under our own control: peace and silence are always there. Yet, many of us go to find peace/happiness in churches, mosques and synagogues, spiritual retreats, the forest, the beach, etc. And in a way, it’s understandable in my opinion. While I sit here writing, I am often interrupted by the sounds of sirens (fire trucks, police cars, ambulances): the city life.

            Our attention/awareness goes anywhere where we focus our senses on and our senses are more or less always active, even when we sleep. To be free of our senses going wild and uncontrolled, we have to train the mind, to make it sit quiet. This training can happen in many ways. Some people chose prayer to help the mind and thoughts to become still. Others like to meditate, while some others prefer gazing. It really depends on each person what path fits them better.

            With that in mind, the location of where we attempt to exercise this silencing of the mind (“stopping the world”) can have an influence on our goal. For example, if one who has not much experience with meditating tries to begin meditating at a heavy-metal rock concert, he/she will find that they will have a hard time with all the commotion, loud sounds, smell of weed, etc.  Meanwhile, if one tries to practice meditation in a completely quiet room, or perhaps near a lake in a forest, or a temple, he/she will find that quieting the mind will be much easier. Nature in specific holds the Silence of Being within and we can tap into that with less effort.

            Nature also provides us with all sorts of other kinds of help, to reach that alternate reality where we have quietened the mind and become free of ego. The First Nations people in North America have used plants such as peyote, ayahuasca, psilocybin mushrooms, cocoa and the like, to better their chances of breaking free of this three dimensional perception which most of us are locked into. Of course, one can do it completely on his/her own, it is not impossible but the chances of success are slim.

            So, in my opinion if one wishes to be able to silence the mind, all options should be given a chance: make use of what Nature and Mother Earth gives us. Put Fear aside and welcome the path towards an alternate reality. There is much more to Being than this three dimensional perspective.

            All the best to everyone!


            Note: This piece of writing has been inspired by Spirit Whisperer who sent me the documentary below, titled: “Metamorphosis”.





The Importance of Doing Nothing

July 10th 2014

Post #24

I personally love doing nothing: nothing in particular. When all the kids at the end of high-school were thinking and planning their careers all I could think of doing, was to be “The Catcher In The Rye” (book written by J. D. Salinger, I recommend it to anyone who has not read it). Nothing really called-out to me so, I continued on being a wanderer: here, there and nowhere, just watching, learning.

            Many years later, I found myself sitting here at the computer table reading a comment from a lady in Finland who wrote: “I really must learn to just lazy around.” I immediately saw the problem: the word “lazy”.

            In fact, most people think that doing nothing does mean being lazy. That could not be further from the truth. Yet, that is what our culture/education teaches us: doing nothing means one is lazy. Thus, people are constantly driven to do things, even if those things are not strictly necessary or necessary at all sometimes. Many people just live their lives automatically, like robots. Start at kinder-garden, then public school, followed by high-school, university … on to a career … find a wife, have kids, then grand-children maybe and finally find a comfortable bed to wait for Death. Blahh … haha!! Shoot me now I’d say. To each their own though.

            So, back to the topic of doing nothing:  it’s hard work. Most people couldn’t stay put for five minutes without thinking about where they have to run to next. I personally agree with Oscar Wilde, when he wrote: “I don’t want to earn a living, I just want to live.”

            I wish to expand and open all the doors of Perception. Doing a lot of nothing has certainly helped. With nothing in particular to do, I have been able to analyze Life, dissect thinking in a Kantian manner. I have gone down Alice’s rabbit hole further than most can imagine and on a bright note, I managed to make it out every time. Many go but few return.

            Doing nothing gives us the time/opportunity to be aware of who we are and what we do. In this manner, when we do go back to doing things, we can appreciate doing those things and we can start living Life consciously. To start feeling and being acutely aware of what we do, what the consequences are when we do what we do and so on. This way, Life becomes more vibrant and joyful.

            In a world where we created landmines and filled the ground with them, only to have to go training rats to sniff them out so we can neutralize them (the land-mines not the rats), I do think more people should try doing nothing. It’s a phenomenal way to spend one’s time anyway: do nothing, just Be!

            All the best to everyone.


Spring is here, this Wolf starts roaming again

April 14th 2014

Post #23

It was a long, heavy winter and that says a lot from someone living in Canada. On top of which I predicted a long winter so, I was mentally prepared. Even so, in the last month or so I started getting pretty impatient. I don’t even want to think of the next winter ... it’s not getting any easier.
I slept so much at one point, that when I got up my back was hurting. Haha!! I had never had that happen. Sometimes I do wish I was a Bear and could hibernate properly. Wolfs are not that good at it because we still have to go out once in a while, whether we like it or not.
With the arrival of Spring several days ago, everything is changing. I’ve been on the road hours on end – I must have covered well over two hundred kilometres in the last forty-eight hours alone. What has also changed over the winter is my perception. I sat and sharpened it for months on end and it has paid off a little at least. Patience is good.

As I have looked up at the sky these last couple of days I have seen a Hawk, many Turkey Vultures and several Crows. Other than that: planes, lots of them. So, I know for sure that I am travelling this year again. It is a little frustrating at times how little I know of my own future when I wake up like yesterday knowing a friend’s father will pass away soon. I never asked to know about that but I frequently try to look into where I am going to be in the future and I get next to no answers on that end.

There’s a restlessness I am feeling. Some of it is from the Ego but some of it is from this Planet, the Earth. I feel Its turbulence. I wish I am wrong but I think I am seeing a Vulcano erupt somewhere, or perhaps an Earthquake and it’s not going to be pretty. Either way, the Earth is trembling, deep in its core.
Sigh ... and laugh, haha!!

I wish everyone well.
May Wakan Tanka guide us all. 


A Strange Time

January 20th

Post #22

“A Strange Time”


            Almost five years ago, I wrote an article on a different website (Hub-pages) titled “Shine On”. There, I spoke of changes to come; vast changes across the world and as I saw human suffering increase exponentially, I titled the piece of writing as “Shine On”. The need for people to “shine” their Light/Love was as I saw it, critical and indispensable. Suffering is not needed – a lesson to be learned.

            As of a few months ago (November-December, 2013), I started feeling waves of energy shifting. I know this body is a channel for energy and I use it as such (an antenna of sorts). I keep my ears up like a wolf and “listen” to what is to come: strange things.

            “I will have to go on the road again.” This is a thought that just came around, out of nowhere and when I focused on it, as in: “Where am I going ...”, I felt almost a physical pull from the centre of my body and as that happened an immediate thought about the West Kennet Long Barrow tomb (in Avebury, U.K.) appeared in my mind. I did this a few times, clearing my mind and projecting awareness in the future, to see where I might end up – I get the same green hills and giant Stones: Avebury it is.

            So, back to England this year, not knowing why – I am just pulled towards that place but other strange things have been taking place as of the last few months. In particular, I find myself saying something and right after, a word I just mentioned is said again by someone around me. Like on television or the radio – an oddity of that sort: as if my tongue is attached to the future and one word here and there travels back in time, coming out of my mouth for no apparent reason. The first time I recall this happening was last spring when I had a Cree Shaman friend staying over for some days. Since then, it has happened quite a few times times, with the numbers increasing in the last few months, even weeks perhaps. Luckily, these situations are happening when other people are around so, I know I am not simply losing my hinges.

            The other strange thing that is happening is my loss of Intent. This is quite strange because I seem to lose interest in “doing things” with an incredible speed. Over the last half a year I have lost interest in doing many things, which I truly enjoyed doing. I should probably say most things and not many things.

            Doing research on various issues (political or environmental) was something that I was involved in for many years. No interest in doing that anymore. Birthday parties, Christmas parties and all such events also vanished from the “Intent” list. I stayed home on New Years’ Eve and went to bed not long after the New Year clocked around. A part of me (the Ego to be precise) is baffled: “What the fuck, You are barely in your mid- thirties, why not go out and party?”

            Not interested. Perhaps this is how the year will follow for me: entering “spectator mode”. I don’t even feel like talking anymore and that is a true weird situation for someone who used to talk endlessly. I gave speeches in university bordering on an hour and a half with great ease and felt sad when I had to leave the front of the class – the teacher’s front desk was always a comfortable spot for me.

            Now, I have a feeling of:  “Blablabla”; “I have said too much, I’ve set it up” (last quote comes from a song; “Losing my Religion” – no clue how this got here ...). And I’m done for now, back to Stalking Power (the Intent is clear for that). This Sorcerer keeps going.




"It's Coming"

January 8th

Post #21

This has been a re-occurring thought for some years now (four or maybe five): “It’s Coming.” At first it was really odd since, I was never a big fan of hearing voices in my head; especially voices which are not mine. This might have landed me in the mental institute if I did not know my family’s ancestry and how from one generation to another, the practice of sorcery and that of seeing into the future has been kept up.

            I tend to Dream of things to come and even when I quieten the mind, I can sometimes see beyond space and time. All is good after some years of this happening but the “it’s coming” thought is still a little strange because I cannot pin-point what exactly is that “is coming”.

            For the last year, I predicted Death and Warriors to be the predominant factors in the Human existence. Many Warriors have passed last year indeed. Wars, revolts and conflict dominated the socio-political landscape in most parts of the world. I also mentioned that last year would tie in to this one (2014) and so it is.

            Governments will fall this year at a hastened rate. (I took a few more days than I perhaps wished in writing this because as some say: “If You have nothing good to say, say nothing at all.” I thought I would say nothing at all but since I believe that knowledge should be free – even knowledge of the future – I decided I will write what I see.) As the male pattern continues to lose its strength, the female pattern grows stronger. Perhaps this can be the Light some are in need of. Yet, those in positions of Power will struggle and create much strife in order to maintain the status-quo. Darkness will fall upon them.  

            As of about four or five years ago I also started to feel Energy levels increasing all around. They will continue and multiply their intensity. This is perhaps the clearest things I can predict – I feel Energy/Power shifting and almost hovering around like low clouds, which can be tapped into. It is something quite amazing. The Spirit World is closer than ever/getting closer (in terms of fully merging with this three dimensional perspective).

            I feel It (Energy/Power) in the Earth as well and in the Standing People (Trees).

            Everything is shifting. The discontent and conflicts which are arising are due to the inability of many to shift/adapt with the Energy surrounding us and which is much different than at any other time in the past.

            It is almost pointless to even speak of the Elements (Air, Water, Fire and Earth) changing and growing in Power. The entire world is experiencing (and will experience more of) either: floods, fires, landslides, earthquakes/tsunamis, tornadoes and such. It is simply a magical point in Existence: everything is Alive. The Earth speaks; the Standing People speak ... the Lakes have stories to tell and the Fire speaks to our Intuition as well, only if we listen.

            I bow with the upmost respect to All My Relations – Mitakuye Oyasin.

            May Wakan Tanka guide us All. 


Using the Power of Intent

January 1st 2014

Post #20

           A few days ago, watching the news I heard about a skiing accident which happened in France. For many, the name of Michael Schumacher might not say much but I know him to be one of the world’s best Formula 1 drivers (ever maybe). I also heard that he was hanging-on for his life in critical condition after hitting his head on a rock while skiing (even though he was wearing a helmet) and that he was airlifted by a helicopter from the skiing resort and taken to a nearby hospital.

            I may not know the man, Michael Schumacher but I know his Warrior Spirit well. He is a fighter, a marvellous Spirit unafraid and always willing to go on, doing his best. As I know that, I also know that his Power of Intent is strong – the will to live is there, in him so, I thought I’d do my best to help. Everything in Existence is Intent at first. All else comes after.

            I searched the Spirit World and found him in a state of paralysis (the doctors call it a coma), as if Time had stopped for him. I very well knew that from that situation, Michael could have gone either way: to Life or to Death. A warrior always gets his last dance though and that is one way I knew that this Warrior would have to Heal; his last dance did not happen yet.

            I cleared my mind and bent the fabric of Existence with my Intent, knowing that I was receiving help from the Spirit World in many different ways. Michael’s own Warrior Spirit is a formidable fighter, his family and countless friends also walk with him in Spirit. It was as good as done: he would find Healing and get well. I knew that beyond any doubt – I Willed and Intended It.

            My intervention was not out of compassion or out of love for Michael Schumacher (although I do admire the man for many, many reasons). No, my intervention was for the Warrior Spirit. In Spirit form anything is possible and Michael often walks in Spirit. I am thankful for his Being and I will continue to channel Power to him until I will see his first interview on the news again, with a smile on his face.

            I wish him all the best!




Faith Is All I Have

November 7th 2013

Post #19


I often say that I can lose anything: my clothes off my back, my family members, friends, even limbs – all such things can be lost. Generally what I say is that all I have is my honour but that is not exactly clear because when I think of honour I do not think of the honour exactly as a soldier does, or a Samurai used to think of.

Honour for me comes from Spirit. Honour is really part of my Faith and so, to be precise Faith is actually all I have. It is an inexplicable notion of knowing the unknown; of comfortable silence and tranquillity. All is good.

It has taken years of work in giving things-up and I still have some things to give away. Haha ... at one point in time, the more I gave away, the more I seemed to gain and that was not working well. Then, I decided to simply learn to say “no”: no to acquisitions, no to possessions, no to anything material unless it is strictly necessary.

I gave away anything from my car, to many of my clothes, money and anything else I could give away. A couple of years ago I decided I would give away part of my time as well and started doing volunteer work with a ten year old kid. Hold next to nothing for my Ego.

Beyond that, I have walked away from birthday parties, New Year’s celebrations and anything else which might tie me down to this three dimensional perspective in any meaningful way. I lost some friends; family members look even more oddly at me now but on the other hand, I have Faith. And that is about all I need. From that Everything comes.

Detached from most things important to humans, I have nothing. Nothing to defend. Nothing to conquer. Just Be. I walk in between worlds.
Faith is all I have.


On Perception, Intent & Sorcery

October 10th, 2013

Post #18

This article might be the toughest one to write in a long time, primarily because I intend to talk about Perception and Intent, as related to Existence and/or Being. This will be explained as it is seen through the Eye of a Sorcerer and I do wish to be intelligible, to the point that other Human Beings can understand what I am trying to express here.

For a Sorcerer, Perception is the key which opens all doors of Existence. Being able to switch the focus of Perception is one part of how Sorcerers engage in Magic work: casting spells, doing incantations and such. It is critical to understand that there is more to Existence than this three dimensional perspective which most Human Beings are used to and the rules change, as perception does. It is from this point that a Sorcerer’s world can flourish.

The more difficult part in my opinion, is to break-free from the assumptions and rules which other Humans/society seem to dictate (in order to change perspectives). Those rules (in any system of belief) are only important for the Perception and Intent which originally created them. Here, I wish to make a short pause and talk about flying because this Being is governed by the Air Element and I am at ease most when talking about things relating to Air.

The majority of Humans will tend to say and believe that they cannot fly simply by their Will Power (without some mechanical/technological device). They can say that they do not have feathers, that the Human body is not structured for flight, that we are too heavy, etc. These are all reasons to why one cannot fly and most people believe such things. Why? Because they have been told so and because when flapping their arms, or squinting their eyes thinking about flying, nothing happens. Of course, some may even do all this while their mind is constantly ridiculing the idea that they could fly...

On the other hand, a Sorcerer knows that everything one does is based on Personal Power and Magic only happens when one has Unbending Intent. With such an attitude, a Sorcerer knows he/she can move mountains, never-mind fly. Nothing can stand in the way. Yet, this takes an incredible amount of Personal Power and much, much practice/work.

In a world where people are constantly told what they can do or cannot do, having Unbending Intent is extremely difficult – the heaviness of other people’s expectations and the rules presented to us as individuals, weigh heavily on our Intent. This happens to the point to which people no longer have a connection with their Spirit, the Power within. And like they say: “if You don’t use it, You lose it”. The connection grows weaker with time and eventually one gets chained down to the perception/existence directed to them by others: what You can do or cannot do, is no longer a personal choice – all is dictated.

For a Sorcerer, Existence or Being, is the Great Mystery. Everything is possible as long as the Intent is unbreakable. All spells, all incantations, runes made and such, are based on Intent. To make things easier understood, we can look at Everything in Existence as Intent. This can also be understood when we think about how some people refer to God, as the Creator. For a Creator to create there has to be Intent. Here I would like to underline the idea that since we are All part of the Creator, or Creation, we all have access to this Power of Intent, as designed by Creation/Creator.

This is where the freedom of the Sorcerer exists. He/she knows that Intent is the basis of Creation, of the Self and of anything else that Exists. At this point, all one needs is to gather and nourish his/her Personal Power. After that Everything is possible.

In Trance

October 2nd, 2013

Post #17

I recently listened to someone talking about Meditation and the person also briefly brought-up the word: “Trance”, while explaining what Meditation is. At that point, I realized how much I actually know about Trance. I have never thought much about it because Trance for me is just one other state of my Being: I am often in a Trance or a Semi-Trance. I live in my own created world for the most part.

The topic of Trance first came into my life in my teenager years, through music. Trance is a style of music which was developed in the 1990’s (in Germany), a time when I was also a teenager. The music fascinated me! It was so ... out-there! Nothing I can compare it with - no lyrics for the most part, just wild beats! I loved it.

All trance tracks start-off slow, with one beat then, adding another, and another. It is a progression and overlapping of beats which in the end constructs amazing sounds, in my opinion anyway. Following the sounds and getting lost in them puts one in a state of Trance. One would have to enjoy the music otherwise this would just be plain annoying, perhaps even resulting in a headache. In my case, I enjoyed the ride ... I spent many days in my teenage years at huge Trance parties (i.e. raves) getting lost in Sounds and letting my Mind fly.

I think those were the first Times I fully recognized what Trance meant and that indeed I could spend a lot of time in Trance, changing my perception, attention and all together understanding of what Reality is. In a most basic way, I was able to break through this three dimensional perspective, just by listening to music. Of course, many times I had help from all sorts of things such as Magic Mushrooms, LSD, Ecstasy, Grass, Hash, Opium, etc.  Without the music it would not have been the same though. It really would not have been: the mind altering substances can break the barrier of our three dimensional perspective but they can hardly guide. The Trance music did the guiding in my beginning.

Now, many years later I can switch perceptions and enter into a Semi-Trance or Trance State rather easily. I certainly can do it without drugs and even without music playing or any other exterior sound. I can think of a beat for example (in my mind) and while sitting down with my legs crossed I let the upper body move backwards and forward, in a constant rhythm and voila: I enter Trance.

I am not sure how to explain what Being in a Trance is ... It’s like Being here but not Being here. The Mind can fly and do incredible things; beyond Reason and/or Logic. There can be (although not always or necessarily) a complete disconnect from one’s surroundings and a greater understanding of one’s thoughts.

I always enjoy Being in Trance: losing the Body and just Becoming a Feeling. All is One.


Engulfed in Darkness

23rd September 2013

Post # 16

When I was young my grandfather nicknamed me: “The Scared Rabbit” because I was afraid of the Dark. I must have been about five years old and I clearly remember not wanting to go in any place where it was pitch black. I was simply terrified. Darkness was an Infinity of Fear for me.

I am grateful that my grandfather worked hard with me at showing me that a dark room does not necessarily hold anything bad or ugly in it. It took a long time but eventually I realized that Darkness was nothing to be afraid of and I got used to It; I even found it beneficial.

For the most part now, I walk unseen and stand in Shadows. Although I love Light and mornings especially, Darkness comforts this Spirit. It is soothing and calm. I find Power in Pure Darkness; the Silent Death is also there. I suppose Darkness still means Infinity for me, as it did when I was a child. It’s just that now, I accept It and walk with It. It is liberating.

I only see Light because I come from Darkness. I only appreciate Light because I understand Darkness. Hmm ... I remember the Oracle I saw years ago, telling me that I have “a lot of bad Power” ... I laughed. We had a game going it seems, even though we could hardly understand one another through the use of language. He always smiled at me afterwards when he saw me. And I always returned the smile.

Bad Power” was an interesting comment. He saw Darkness and feared It. Haha ... Strange. Power is Power. One must look at Intent to have any sort of Judgement. Darkness is just a pattern of Being. It is not good or bad. It just Is. Yet, many fear It. Instead, I love It.

Darkness offers Protection and Knowledge. I am grateful for Its teachings and there are more to come, that I know. In Silence and Darkness is where I can often be found: resting, waiting; engulfed.


“Doors of Perception: Stalking/Shocking the Ego”

15th July 2013

Post # 15


For some odd reason, my entire life I have known that there is more to Life than what this three dimensional perspective showed me, or allowed for me to see. I just could never believe that: “this is it”. And I can clearly say at this moment that indeed, there is more to Life than what most people perceive on a day to day basis.

For example, I can see through Time and Space and I can see the Intent in things and people. And I do not do any of this by perceiving. I do not stop and think, to get to do any of that. If I go down the route of thinking, I fail: the Ego moves-in and does all the directing, as if I were in a movie. On the other hand, if I put the Ego aside then, Spirit leads and the rules of this three dimensional perception are no longer an obstruction, or even relevant.

I had a First Nations Elder tell me once that when Healers or Shamans heal, they are not themselves doing the healing, per-say.  What happens is that these Spiritual Beings (the Healers) become a conduit for Spirit. The way it was explained to me, was that one has to become like a “hollow bone”, through which Spirit does the healing. In that sense, the human body is nothing but a channel for Spirit to do Its work.

In my opinion, to be able to become that “hollow bone” is hard work. One has to open a different door of perception than the one in which we usually indulge in (i.e. our average three dimensional perspective). And walking through different doors of perception, one cannot take his/her Ego with them. No. The Ego only works in this mode of perception – on this pattern, right here, right now.

When one steps through a new door of perception, one has to allow Spirit to lead and to be in control. In this way, everything is possible. All restrictions vanish.

It is a difficult task, to open doors of perception though - if it was not as such, our world would be full of sorcerers and psionics flying around. Yet, difficult is not impossible. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” The importance of this latter quote is paramount; without an impeccable will, the chances of opening new doors of perception will be slim.

My personal advice for those who wish to open-up new channels/doors of perception is to shock the Ego. This has to be done in a thoughtful way, with great finesse: like a Warrior preparing for battle. Otherwise, the shock can be too great or maybe not significant enough and the outcome will be unsatisfactory or maybe even deadly.

The easiest way to Shock/Stalk the Ego is with the help of Power Plants but it can also be done simply by breaking routines and acting out of character. I would like to stress that these are techniques/strategies for opening new doors of perception therefore, I am not encouraging people to mindlessly go acting wildly on the street at any given time. Everything must be planned, controlled and analyzed.

I can give a quick example of something I did to stalk my Ego just a little over a month ago:

This last May (2013), there was a Super-Full Moon appearing in Avebury, England, a town with a very powerful ancient Stone Circle. So, I packed my bags from Canada and headed over. On my way there at a corner store in London, where I was buying a map, I was told about a 5,500 year old tomb near Avebury: the “West Kennet Long Barrow”. I had never seen a tomb and did not know what to expect. Immediately I knew that this was a perfect circumstance for shocking/stalking the Ego.

My Ego was not into hanging around Tombs or Cemeteries ... just not its cup of tea. That is exactly why I decided that I would camp right in front of that Tomb, on the night of the Super-Full Moon. It was an outrageous thought for my Ego to confront: “Sleep by a five and a half thousand year old tomb, in the middle of nowhere? On a full moon night?! Plain insanity!”

It is true too: “plain insanity” it was but when it was all planned, with an ulterior objective and with unbreakable intent, that entire experience provided a shock for the Ego, which in turn helped cringe-open a new door of perception. And like I said to most of my friends and family members when I returned: “The guy who went to Avebury never came back.” I left my Ego to die there, in front of the “West Kennet Long Barrow” Tomb, on that Super-Full Moon night, by shocking it.



The Forest Is My Dojo

27th June 2013

Post #14

For those who do not know, a Dojo is a Japanese term for places where people train in martial arts. It translates to “the place of the way”. And it sure was the place for my way, for many, many years. I trained in Shoto-khan, Hapkido, Spetsnaz and for a short while in my late teens, I also trained with a Ninjutsu teacher. I lived Martial Arts. That was my way.

It still is my way, in many ways. I hold in honour the Samurai Spirit, the Warrior Spirit. I no longer fight in competitions or seek that engagement in Kumite (fighting with an adversary). No ... the fight is within now: to have absolute control over intent, awareness and perception of the Self.

Karate showed me Spirit but I never understood It at that time. Spirit was like some sort of extraordinary force that I could call-up within me and do ... well, simply unthinkable things in the Dojo. It never mattered how much bigger my opponent in Kumite was, or how much more advanced. I always relied on Spirit and always went to Fight without Fear. Spirit was that little extra “thing” which helped me to prevail.

Everything we need is within Spirit. Yet, most people are not even aware of this. Or, I can say that I was not aware of this, for quite a long time. It is Spirit that makes humans, not humans who make Spirit. Everything comes from Spirit. Without It, there is nothing.

Martial Arts taught me discipline, resilience and honour. What it did not teach me was to understand Spirit. For that, I had to go to the Forest and I sit close to Water; with the Standing People (trees) and with my animal cousins.

Not long ago, I heard someone say that humans were the most sacred animals ... what a nice story. I bet his Ego relished in it. Only if he had read less of the religious texts and sat a little more quietly away from humans and society ... then, he would have understood himself, together with All Else, as a manifestation of Spirit. None is more Sacred and none are less Sacred. There are no “chosen people” and there are no “chosen species”. We just All Are. We are Beings: Spirit incarnated.

It is indeed strange how a Forest can teach all this, only if we sit and listen ... The Rivers and Lakes speak, the Standing people teach ...  the Forest is my Dojo now. And off to It I go.


Despre Zamolxe, Daci si Trufie 

27th March 2013

Post # 13

The title remains in Romanian: “On Zamolxe, Dacians and Pride”. This piece of writing is in honour of my ancestors, the Dacian people and our God, Zamolxes. Indeed we are Immortal.

Thousands upon thousands of years have passed; the teachings remain the same though. The ancient Greek historians wrote about the Dacian people as the bravest and most just of the Thracian Tribes. We do not indulge in that. We honour that. 

Zamolxes taught us to watch Pride and never let it have the best of us. Pride means deception; it numbs Love and results in illness, poverty of the Spirit, bitterness and corruption. Beware of evil thought, empty words and untruths. They too come from Pride.

To be Dacian means to walk in Spirit, to be a Warrior and to be Just. A man’s Light radiates from his thoughts and feelings. That is why they must be crystal-clear. And we must be Humble. This is a teaching we have to heed because Pride brings suffering. Warriors know this and they do not suffer. Suffering is the shadow of Pride. 

One must also value Wisdom. “Take heed to the Majestic tree, the higher it is the deeper the roots are”. We grow like the Trees when we become more knowledgeable and when we let go of Pride, for Pride blocks away Wisdom and leads to a dead-end road; that of Deception.

In Fairness, Justice and Truth, we will always find Power. And there, we can always find refuge in the toughest of Times. It is a Faith of sorts; a Faith in Light and in the Gods: that Truth prevails. This feeling is Eternal. It guides, protects and is Immortal. As Dacians, we know this and we exist through Light and Spirit, beyond Time.

I pass this Knowledge on, as it was passed to me: in good Faith and Spirit.
May Zamolxes guide All those who seek guidance!
In vesnicie. In Eternity.




Death, One of My Best Friends 

2nd March 2013

Post #12

I claimed this year (2013) to be a year of Death and Warriors. I don’t know why, other than that I woke-up on the second day of this year with that thought in mind and with an uneasy feeling, below my solar plexus – the place of Power. I feel Death getting stronger; I feel commotion on the way. Even right now, as I mentioned the word I feel It: a significant chill to my left arm and shoulder. Death is always here with me and at the same time, I feel it is on the move more than before.

            My Warrior African Pike, Ninja was the first to go. Suicide. And yes, fish can commit suicide too – I am not trying to be funny. It devised an escape plan and went for it: blood on the hardwood flooring and a dead body is what I found when I got home. I suppose almost seven years was more than anyone expected anyhow.

            Two days later, a friend’s home was invaded by four masked men and he was tied down with his television cord at gun point. After that, they cleaned his house of any valuables and moved on. He was lucky: just a couple of gun-slaps. It could have been much worse. Death lingers around.

            This article was prompted by a question which my father asked me today:

            “Do You remember Andrei $#@*&^?” (I did not write the last name as I do not wish to reveal his identity in full.)

            “Yes, I do. I thought about him just last week,” I responded.

            “Why?” He asked inquisitively.

            That questioned surprised me. I told my father that I did not know, just thought of him and his younger son.

            “He died last week,” stated my father as he turned around and walked away.

            What’s new, I’m thinking at this point ...

            Last year, at about this time I had a strange thought: “Grandfather will die soon.” By March he was gone. I knew it clearly then, so I was able to manage that quite well. This year though, Death is having its effect on mass and the forms in which It will come will vary greatly: from natural disasters to man-made ones, they will all hit hard. I am feeling Spirits even more than in previous years and some are truly struggling. I love them though so, I am not sad: Mitakuye Oyasin (Lakota expression for “All My Relations” – we are all connected: living beings and non-living ones). We are All One – it is the Law of One.

            The year of the Snake: those guided by the Snake Spirit will prevail easiest. The snake lives with poison as part of him/her. I always try to learn from the snake, which incorporates deadly poisons as they are nothing. The Snake knows Death very well. Cold as Ice. And so, I to turn my seeing many times this year: Cold as Ice. And we move on through Light and Darkness: Death to the left side; the Eagle Spirit watches from above. The White Wolf Spirit marches along the right side and the Raven Spirit always points the way from ahead.

I am grateful.

May Wakan Tanka guide us All.





On Profiling Individuals: Details and Patterns

28th January 2013

Post #11


This is not an easy topic to discuss. Nor do I have any strict methodology in profiling people. To begin with, I must say that I use all my abilities and knowledge in order to profile. It is something I have been doing for quite a few years and as of last year, I actually rely a lot more on intuition and my ability of latching-on to people’s interior feelings (whether those are visible or not) rather than  strictly relying on the art of profiling, in order to read people.
Just recently, I was walking downtown and as I was waiting to cross an intersection, my eyes just randomly landed on a lady who was also waiting to cross the street and an immediate and uncalled thought in my mind said: “I have been abused.” I felt pain, sadness and I shifted my eyes away. I did not need to know that but intuition works in strange ways.

Many people work with intuition. Indeed, just last night I heard a detective speak on a news clip, saying that after a long time being a detective one begins to feel negativity, or as he called it “darkness”.  This part, I cannot teach, or explain – intuition, in my opinion comes with time, experience, with a detachment from one’s personal ego and with clarity in the mind. Yet, I do not simply rely on intuition and actually, I am inclined to say (although I am not fully certain) that my intuition has improved considerably after practicing profiling for years on end.

Profiling is a fun game for me. It is very much like putting a puzzle together. One has many little pieces and it remains to be seen what fits where. For the most part, I start with looks: what do I see? Cloths are clues. So are the shoes – I actually start with shoes. Yes, an oddity of mine but when I first look at a person I generally look at: shoes, face/eyes, then, I back-out and look at the entire attire. The shoes tell me where one has been, where one may go, etc. At the same time I listen to one’s speech: tonality, preference of words (why are some words used and some are not), depth of arguments, etc. Every detail is a clue; every detail is a piece of the puzzle.

When I shake a hand, I pay attention to the grip of the hand-shake, its strength and the care of the skin on one’s hand. For example, a construction worker will have rough hands, while a masseuse would not ... all clues and all are important. Scars, missing parts of the body, tattoos, everything counts. To overlook details is categorically detrimental to the art of profiling.

Body language is extremely important too. Some people may be able to disguise their speech, or disguise their appearance but to be in firm control of one’s body and give no “tell signs” is very difficult. If You have ever looked at professional poker players (I have even though I do not like to gamble – it is all about profiling), they endlessly try to hide their “tell signs”. For example, You are playing poker and have been dealt the winning hand of all times – the struggle then, becomes not to let your excitement that You know You are going to win the round show to the rest of the players, otherwise they will fold their cards and You will win nothing ... Thus, good poker players know how to show zero emotion, or perhaps show sadness when in fact they have an awesome hand. Yes, they could be bluffing: holding terrible cards but they act as if they are in a position of power. One would not want to give out a loud sigh, when receiving useless cards – that would inform all the other players of their misfortunes ... a sigh in such a case would be considered a “tell sign”. So, as a profiler one would want to always pay attention to “tell signs”/ body language.

Speech is a great way of getting details about people. Is there an accent heard? What language or languages does a person speak? Such clues would be critical because they would divulge ideas about one’s education, up-bringing, etc. Some people speak a lot: Latinos especially (I know, I am one), while some other people do not speak so much: the people of the First Nations, here in Canada: they are often very quiet but Silence speaks too if one knows how to listen to it.

The most important part about profiling in my opinion is to learn patterns; to realize that for the most part people are re-active. As in they react to their environment and circumstances. If I were to walk outside right now and start running around the street in my boxers, considering it is somewhere around minus fifteen to twenty degrees Celsius, I am sure someone would re-act to my doings by calling the police and/or an ambulance. Some things can be expected in how people re-act. At the same time though, one should always keep in mind that not everyone follows patterns, or some people may break their patterns for whatever reasons: change in life-style of sorts, perhaps. Rebels are tricky in that sense: they do not follow patterns as closely as ... a member of the Armed Services, for example. Even a rebel has patterns though: to rebel would be an obvious one.

Patterns: people sleep – where, how, when, etc. People eat. Again: where, when, what, how, etc. Hobbies, interests, philosophy ... Everything is important and nothing can be overlooked. The more we know about the person we are profiling, the better our understanding will be. Then, when we have a set of different patterns about any single individual, we can start putting them together and create the profile of that person. And when we see how patterns connect and work together, we can tell what pattern follows what other pattern. Thus, we can tell what a person may or may not do next. The understanding of one’s behaviour: this is the goal of profiling individuals, for me anyway.

Attention, diligence, persistence, patience and curiosity are all necessary traits in order to be a good profiler. It takes time. Profiles cannot be built overnight. The more information the better and thus, one should not want to rush in any way while profiling. The mind of the profiler must be clear and free of assumptions. Also, irregularities exist and therefore those should always be taken into account. To be over-confident may result in mistakes so, a humble approach to profiling is also preferred, in my opinion.

I do not think profiling is an exact science and thus, I do not like strictly categorizing people. I rather look at what patterns people may be engaging in, at any given moment. I find profiling a slow walk, a tedious search at times but for me it is a fun game – a hobby which I have had for a long time and I do not think I will ever stop: my mind profiles on its own now, I do not really think about it. I just watch patterns and see how, when and why they connect.

That is about it. Profiling is not that difficult if we like to pay attention to things and analyze the information our perception creates, as a general rule. As long as we leave ourselves out of the equation and only focus on the individual to be profiled, I think all will go well.

Cheers and all the best to everyone!



Predictions for the Coming Years

2nd January 2013

Post #10



I called the last year a year of Power. Whether people experienced a diminishing of or a strengthening of their Power is beside the point: 2012 was defined by Power and Decisions. I felt It even before the year changed (from 2011).

2013 is much different though. This will be a darker year. I see distress ahead; in general ... this year will be a year of strict trials: personal trials for everyone. Resilience and persistence can help. This will be a test for us, for humanity and for the Spirit World. Gods and Mortals come together.

What was will not continue to be. Much is possible this year but the cost will be high. This year belongs to Death, Warriors and Action – much will change. Many will go; and many will go unexpectedly. (I feel the tension as if it is sitting inside the walls of our existence: I feel stiffness and rigidness.) Death cleanses though and it renews. The shivers going through my body now assure me of my feelings towards the future.

Even though these predictions may seem negative, they are not. One would have to see past this year (2013) to put everything into context. The pain which will be experienced on a grand scale is necessary. We will grow and learn, or “we will die and see”. From Chaos comes Light. This year is very closely tied to the following year (2014) – a Cataclysm will take place: either this year or the next. Our grounding will be nearly wiped off. Free Will is the wild card and the Power gathered within the last year will have to be used carefully.

Faith, Restraint, Silence, Resilience and Power will have to be held dearly by the carriers of Light. Warriors will have significant choices to make.

I wish everyone well. May Light guide us All!





On Profiling, Perception and Our Ego

26th November 2012

Post #9


 Profiling is a method of information gathering. It is mainly used in forensic sciences but not only in that field. I use it almost on a daily basis, in terms of reading people, just for fun. Computer programmers use it to decipher what (program) may work best in any given specific situation. There is also sexual profiling, offender profiling and the list can go on … anywhere where information gathering is needed, a profiler can be helpful.

            I became interested in profiling when I came across a book on profiling, fourteen years ago titled, "The Art of Profiling: Reading People Right the First Time". Knowing what people think or do has always been an interesting topic in my mind thus, profiling slowly turned-out to be somewhat of a hobby for me. It is an easy technique to practice, in terms of profiling people because there are people everywhere. So, profiling people is really nothing else except studying them, their trends, patterns and thoughts.

            One thing has to be taken into account though. Everything we do in our Life has to go through Perception. Perception is our understanding filter, for better or worse. Thus, to understand the world and our lives, we really need to work on our ability to perceive things as clearly as possible. This becomes a little tricky because of our own Ego. We often project our thoughts on other people, we make assumptions and create false images in our minds about others and otherness. There is a fine line between profiling and assuming – one can be helpful, the other can be detrimental. The skill of the profiler exists in separating assumptions and our ego’s blunders and clearly reading the mind of the subject at hand. I see it as basically entering the other person’s skin: becoming the other.

            Profilers tend to be strong-willed people, with an invincible ego. Only when one has an invincible ego, can one put their ego aside and think clearly. A profiler can under no circumstances indulge in his/her ego. Projecting thoughts on any subject is a failure from the start, when it comes to profiling. Keeping an unbiased state of mind and remaining in a base of neutrality is what I encourage, for those who wish to engage in profiling. I do believe that remaining neutral in thought is a very tough thing to accomplish and perhaps that is why profilers are not found at every corner block.

            In terms of the actual work of a profiler, it is all just information gathering and information analysis – trying to get the whole picture on a subject. Especially since nowadays there is a tremendous flow of information available, the work of the profiler is a lot of fun (in my opinion) but it is also difficult because sifting through information is laborious and it is at times mundane work – not all information is helpful in any given instance. And it is also good to keep in mind that sometimes information is false and/or deceptive.

            Of course, in terms of reading people profiling does not guarantee a one hundred percent success in determining the thoughts or actions of a subject. It is in my opinion still an educated guess. Therefore, as much as I can and am able to, when I am serious about engaging in profiling (not just playing) I use it combined with aura reading, precognition and remote viewing. Where one technique may fail, others will help-out. I use profiling together with extrasensory perception to try to minimize mistakes as much as possible. I do think this works quite good.

            I find profiling beneficial in many instances and I do encourage people to learn this art/technique. It may be used in business, as a buyer/seller (to avoid being ripped-off), it may be helpful obviously in law enforcement work but it also helps in de-escalation practices, mediating, conflict resolution, etc. This is certainly not a skill one can pick-up in a day or two but with experience it gets easier and I do think it is not only helpful but also a lot of fun. 


   CSIS Intelligence Officers - Recruiting video



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Комісія вбачає в діяльності, види якої вказані на сайтах проектів «ISRAEL INVESTMENTS LTD» та «Центр Біржових Технологій», ознаки можливого зловживання на ринку фінансових послуг.

НКЦПФР, в межах компетенції, здійснила всі необхідні дії, зокрема, зверталась (безуспішно) із запитами до осіб, які розміщують рекламні матеріали, порушила (успішно) справи про правопорушення за безліцензійну діяльність на фондовому ринку.

Крім того, повідомила правоохоронні органи та Службу України з питань безпечності харчових продуктів та захисту споживачів.

Центр Біржових Технологій

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На офіційний запит Комісії про надання інформації від ЦБТ відповідь так і не надійшла.


Сайт проекту «ISRAEL INVESTMENTS LTD» пропонує громадянам послуги портфельного інвестування та п’ять різних варіантів інвестиційних пакетів за ціною від $ 500 до $ 50 000, які “сформовані з дорогоцінних металів, нафти, цінних паперів, криптовалют та стартапів”. Також на сторінці компанії зазначені такі послуги, як управління інвестиційними портфелями, інвестування у різні види накопичувальних фондів та у біржові індексні облігації, надання інформаційно-аналітичних та брокерських послуг

Далі наводимо цитати з відповідної сторінки компанії «ISRAEL INVESTMENTS LTD», які можуть мати ознаки реклами та надання послуг на фондовому ринку, які здійснюються без відповідного дозволу Комісії:

«Професіонали нашої компанії також можуть створити індивідуальний інвестиційний портфель, з урахуванням Ваших побажань. Він буде доповнений фінансовими інструментами, які допоможуть швидше досягти поставлених цілей. Щоб гроші почали працювати на Вас, покладайтеся на професіоналів!»;
«ІП надає стабільний щомісячний пасивний дохід. Придбати портфель дуже просто: вибираєте пакет, тиснете «інвестувати, заповнюєте просту форму зворотного зв’язку. Все, дуже просто, далі з Вами зв’яжеться наш фахівець. Він надасть повну консультацію і обговорить всі деталі обраного портфеля»;
«Інвестиційний портфель це – різні активи, об’єднані для досягнення певних фінансових цілей. ІП може складатися з золота, нерухомості, цінних паперів, опціонів. Israel Investments пропонує готові інвестиційні пакети, які будуть приносити прибуток незалежно від політичної чи ринкової ситуації. Портфелі доступні для громадян будь-яких країн».
Рекламу «ISRAEL INVESTMENTS LTD» аналітики виявили на багатьох популярних інформаційних ресурсах у мережі інтернет, у соціальних мережах. Відповідно до інформації з сайту, «ISRAEL INVESTMENTS LTD» має представництва в Ізраїлі, Англії, Італії, Швейцарії, та Україні.

Згідно з даними Єдиного державного реєстру юридичних осіб, фізичних осіб-підприємців та громадських формувань, офіційне представництво «ISRAEL INVESTMENTS LTD» в Україні зареєстровано як юридична особа – ПП “ІФЛК “ІЗРАЇЛЬ ІНВЕСТМЕНС” (код за ЄДРПОУ 42620622).

Послуги забезпечення діяльності домену надаються компанією «101domain», яка зареєстрована в США, і також надає своїм клієнтам можливість приховати інформацію про них у загальнодоступних Інтернет джерелах.

На офіційний запит Комісії про надання інформації від проекту відповідь так і не надійшла.

Комісія констатує в обох випадках всі ознаки можливого зловживання на ринку фінансових послуг, що несе загрозу введення в оману громадян та втрати ними значних коштів. НКЦПФР вживає всіх законних заходів щоб мінімізувати потенційно протиправну діяльність та попереджає інвесторів про ризики втрати грошей.

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7th September 2012

Post #8

Practical Metaphysics: Working with Spirit


I suppose “Practical Metaphysics” is somewhat of an oxy-moron. Metaphysics as a general rule is not viewed as a practical philosophy but I would like to disagree. Thinking in abstract can certainly help our lives in many ways, if we can just have the right perception.

I know that one’s Spirit is not something tangible. We cannot put Spirit on the table and dissect it. Yet, we all know what Spirit is and I am almost sure that nobody can deny the presence of Spirit, in them or in others. As described in my Cassel dictionary, Spirit is “1 a the vital principal animating a person or animal. b the non-physical, immaterial part of a person, the soul ...”

So, we all have Spirit but for some reason, I find (I might be wrong ...) that Spirit is something we do not really talk about much. In our day to day lives, we talk about many things but hardly about Spirit ... I have to wonder why that is? And I suppose it is because talking about Spirit, Spirituality or Metaphysics is something that is seen as impractical; with no definite results or expectations. Thus, we leave it to the side...

In personal terms, I first heard about the usefulness of our Spirit from my karate teacher who did not speak English very well and as an encouragement and way to get his students working harder, he would always yell-out: “With Spirit!! Do it with Spirit!”

I can still hear his voice, his passion ... And I would always give one-hundred percent in his class. Nothing mattered when I entered the dojo but the lessons and exercises at hand. I listened to my Sensei and I searched inside myself for that Spirit which he kept talking about and one day I found It...

I do everything with Spirit now or I do nothing at all. For me, being aware of my Spirit and working with It has brought me satisfaction. Even if I fail at something if I did what I had to do with Spirit, at least I can say I tried my best. That is how I see things and the example of my karate class is just one of many, in which working with (your) Spirit or being aware of (your) Spirit has many benefits.


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25th April 2012 

Post #7


Beyond the three-dimensional perspective


I always believed there was more to this three dimensional perspective than what we experienced on a regular day to day basis. As a kid though, I was never interested in the Spiritual world much. “I don’t bother them, they don’t bother me” – that was always my attitude.

In the last few years though, my three dimensional perspective has been letting-in a lot more than just regular sort of experiences. I dream what people call reality - what I dream sometimes actually takes place: specific events and/or people I eventually get to meet. “When the going gets weird the weird turns pro” – Hunter S. Thompson. Am I ever thankful for him …

Within the past month, I met several people clouded in darkness. What I mean by darkness is an illness/disease which eventually takes over the body and Spirit. These diseases are of the mind and are created by the self (not with the conscious knowledge of the self though) and they begin to eat away at the human body and Spirit; they feed off of it. As we are all luminous beings when we begin to fall apart, our light fades and shadows take over. The flicker of light gets dimmer and dimmer. I can actually feel a chill all over my back and shoulders when I see them. And I see it in their eyes too … it is their own Death.
After meeting one such person about a month ago, I returned home and my body had serious shudders: pain enveloped my stomach and chest. I recognized the convulsions as those of the girl I had just met; some of her pain had transferred to my body. I accepted it and saw it as results of trauma. And since she had told me that she cannot sleep well, I thought that I would visit her dreams and take it from there.

I went to sleep on a good note, only to wake-up sweating from an ugly nightmare. I did not find anything out so, the following day at around one or two o’clock in the afternoon, I decided to take a nap and return to that nightmare.

This time around there was no nightmare but I do not remember anything I may or may not have dreamed. My sleep was unusually deep and long, especially for an afternoon nap. When I woke-up, my hand by instinct went to my chest searching for my medicine bag and it wasn’t there. For the first time in endless months the medicine bag came off my neck and it was lying to my right and close to the margin of the bed. I put it back around my neck and left that episode as yet another weird chapter in the long series of weird chapters which make-up most of my life …

I am not sure why I run into so many people lately who’s Spirits are reaching-out for help. I see them but the individuals do not see it themselves. They are crying inside and denying it at the same time, pretending that they are just fine … I see it … If they accept their state of being they could be healed but they can also die in/with their acceptance if they do not have enough Faith to live through Light. Light we are and if we no longer see Light, our Death is there to meet us.

Last night, after an eventful day in terms of trying to heal negative energy from one specific person, I was fairly tired. I had been in a half-trance state, in which I often operate. The energy flow around, in general terms has been much higher within the last two years. Or at least I am feeling it more. Maybe it is my perception that has increased and not the flow of energy … either way, I am somewhat used to it now and last night was not much different than other nights, to a point.

What was different last night was when I walked into my bedroom. I sleep in a different room than the one I write and where I spent most of my time. My bedroom is a private place where I am the only one who usually goes in. It is a special place for me in the sense that I have a circle of stones there, gems, medicine herbs, objects of power and such.

When I walked-in, there was a strange energy around. As if there was someone else there or had been there. I thought I was just tired and paid very little attention to what I had sensed. I got in the bed, picked-up one of my books which I am reading and went on as if everything was just fine.
I read a page or two and my eyes began closing, I was pretty tired indeed. I made again the conscious decision to dream what I willed to dream and then, I shut the light. It must have been a minute or two later that I heard a voice in my head calling my name in a tone and manner which was as if to attract my attention. What was even more surprising was the accent of the voice. One can say my name in a couple of different ways, depending on whether one speaks Romanian or not. The voice had my maternal Romanian accent when my name was said.

That really got my attention and I was trying to see if I can put a face, or name, or anything else to that voice. I did not get much time though as not even half a minute later I felt a knock on the back of my head together with ill-intent. I got-up grumpy and I all I said was: “Enough.”

From a sitting position, I turned on the light and I felt the same energy as I had felt when I first walked in the bedroom, only this time it was much stronger. I sat crossed-legged on my bed … well, it’s not a bed – it’s only a mattress on the floor (I do not like beds much) and I said a few things which it remains to be seen how they were taken. I was nice about it considering the circumstances. I could have flipped-out but I chose not to. I was not willing to add to the anger.
I only stayed-up for several more minutes. I invoked the Air Element for protection and after reading not even a page I fell asleep and slept well much into today.

Something/someone is not happy with me and I am not exactly sure why. In questioning the Spirit World last night before going to sleep (on my second attempt), I received no answers. The shadows just watched. I am fine with watching but not fine with getting too personal … 

Life is certainly stranger than it seems at a first glance and there is a lot more to our three-dimensional experience than what we may usually encounter. This White Wolf is after answers though and will go through Dante’s Inferno if necessary.

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March 21st 2012

Post #7




I was trying to explain to my sister not long ago that the Universe speaks and we would do well if we listened. She laughed and told me not to tell her how the Universe gives me things and tells me things ...

Yet, all this is true. Yesterday, I just happened to come across a dagger that I wanted for several months. I had indeed began searching for this dagger in the Spirit World last year but I did nothing in this three dimensional perspective, in terms of looking for it. I was not physically looking for any kind of dagger.

This dagger is made out of a Buffalo rib, with leather handle and sheath. It is all white and it has little leather strands which hang-off the sheath, with little white and red beads on them. It is not sharp on the sides but it is extremely sharp at the end, much like a spike. The dagger holds great power. I love it. It fits my palm perfectly, as if it was made for my own hand measurements. 

The dagger represents the Air element. In teaming-up with the Elements to work with magic, this dagger is very important. It helps with attunment to the Air element and at storing its power. The hair on my arms started rising when I just held it in my hand now. It is as sharp as my thinking needs to be.
I thank the Universe for bringing my dagger to me yesterday. Priceless.

When one is looking for power objects especially, one cannot listen to the ego. One cannot look, one has to see. That is why I listen to the Universe. There are always signs; one just has to be able to see them. We have to train our mind to be empty, to almost not-be. The ego can be set aside. Not an easy task but certainly a possible one.


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March 5th, 2012

Post #6

On The Trail of Warriors of the Light

I spent my last year searching for specific people. There were many people I had to find and I am thankful that I have found many of those whom I was looking for. The Universe and the Gods I pray to helped. I am thankful for that too.

Warriors of the Light are difficult to find because they are a specific type of Warrior and not a common one by any means. Some Warriors of the Light do not even know they are Warriors of the Light, such is their humbleness at times; this makes it that much harder to locate them.

I have met many Warriors in the past year but I am just interested in Warriors guided or searching for the Light. Just this morning, I received a message from a Warrior of the Light I met last November in Tampa, Florida. He radiates Light even through typed words! His Spirit is as strong as an Oak. He is determined, humble, compassionate, and cheerful and he knows his Death. He acts on It and therefore his actions are powerful. His Spirit rides with the Light and he was easy to find especially because he emerged out of Shadows when I first met him.

Warriors of the Light are naturally good with Shadows. Their sometimes temporary uncertainty comes from their knowledge of the Dark. They accept darkness because they know its necessity but they do not bow to It. A Warrior of the Light uses Shadows to hunt, to regenerate or to store Power but never as a direct means to Truth. Truth has to come through Light and Light has to come in Truth. They are One and a Warrior of the Light is One with Them.

This year, 2012 is a year of decisions and Power. I know this because I see. I suppose I am lucky (I always have been, thank the Gods) that I can play the role of a sorcerer and I have almost endless means of getting to the same end/goal, so to speak. Knowing that this is a good year to find Power and to store Power, I am continuing my search for Warriors of the Light and I am urging them to let their Light shine.

I also met a Warrior of the Light here in Toronto. A lovely Spirit in search of Power. Not a problem in my mind for Power is like anything else: You have to find it and harvest It. It does take time but the Time is perfect now.

A smile comes-up when I think of the difference I have seen take place in her within the last six months, from when I first saw her. Her Light is certainly stronger, it is beautiful to see. She does not yet see though. Soon she will.

I was just thinking how strange it was, to search for a Warrior of the Light amongst a group of Mohawk Warriors this past fall and find that they cared less about Light. Strong lost Warriors ... I bow to them and wish that Wakan Tanka will meet them in their dreams. Only the Shaman with them carried Light but he carried a heavy dark hand as well. I wish Him well; we will meet again.

For now, the search continues. Warriors of the Light, come-out and play!


All the best.


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November 23rd 2011

Post #5

Occupy Toronto

        It has been difficult to write anything lately. Living in St. James Park, as one of the many people involved in the “Occupy Toronto” movement, has taken more energy from me than I expected. At the same time though, sleeping in my tent close to the ground and in my safe spiritual circle, allowed me the much needed rest to make-it through a month there.

      It was fun to see the reactions from those who came by my tent and saw all the different kinds of rocks/stones which surrounded my tent, creating a full circle. Only a few people asked anything about them or about my pagan beliefs. With time, they (the rocks, which are not really rocks but I have to call them as such because I have to try to make sense while trying to express myself in this three dimensional perspective) slowly embedded themselves in the ground and the space within that circle became a place of healing, safe-resting and awareness. Even when there was a major shift in tents and re-organization happening in my corner of the park, my tent remained untouched. A small branch of cedar on top of my tent was there to symbolize kindness and good-will. It stayed on top of my tent for days and days; Father Wind was kind enough not to move it.
     The entire experience of living in a park, downtown Toronto in my tent among activists, homeless people, all of different creeds and colours, young, old and ancient ones, was quite interesting to say the least. Each day there seemed to equal to a few days in the regular day to day life of an average citizen. I learned more than I could have ever imagined while I was there.
    It was good to see that some of my past experiences came-in handy, especially in handling the Chaos which often tried to infiltrate itself in the park.  When things got a little rougher than usual several nights ago, I turned to the East and prayed to Apollo for strength and healing, for everyone in the park. I also asked Gebeleizis to bring cold winds and freezing temperatures. I wished the Spirit World to freeze all around the park for that night. There was an overwhelming negative energy lingering in the air and the Sky spoke of intense anger. I felt It surrounding that park for miles.
   By midnight the temperature went well below zero degrees Celsius and the gusts of wind sent the majority of “occupiers” to their tents. There were some small groups of people who still hung-around outside during the night, talking quietly, all bundled in several layers of cloths but overall, there was hardly any movement. I was happy too by the time I went to sleep in my tent and being rather drained, I slept well for several hours.
  The following morning, I made a sincere offering at the Mohawk’s Sacred Fire for the help received at night-time and by noon, the same day the Hawk Spirit sent a messenger from the East, to speak to all who were there and were willing to listen. He brought-out his Sacred Drum and began chanting. That is actually how I first found him: I heard the drumming and I may be careless at times but when the Sacred Drum speaks – I listen and I follow.
   The Sacred Drum spoke for quite a long time and Red Hawk Messenger spoke too, after the drum. He said many things; some which I knew and some which I was uncertain about. He mentioned that beside the Hawk Spirit, the Wolf Spirit was also guarding the park and I couldn’t hide a slight smile. I knew at that moment that I was done there and that it would all be just a matter of days before the “Occupy Toronto” movement would claim victory in its first battle against the System and move on.
   (I always thank the Gods who guide me: Wakan Tanka, Gebeleizis, Zamolxe, Apollo, Lord Vishnu and last but certainly not least, Sai Baba – the Man in Orange. Cheers!)

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On drums

Date: 29/01/2012 | By: White Wolf

Thank You for passing-by Reikieffect : )

Drums are incredibly powerful when used by one who knows how to use them and is guided by Grandfather/Wakan Tanka.
I picked-up a Shaman's drum today and I felt Its energy.
I thank the Eagle and Hawk Spirit for their guidance - always!

beautiful story

Date: 21/01/2012 | By: Lizzet aka reikieffect

Blessings White Wolf! Thanks for sharing this lovely story. I almost could hear the drums calling.

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 April 14th, 2011

Post #4

I first put on a wedding-band on Dec. 31st, 2010 but I have no wife, no girlfriend, no kids … I cannot possibly get much more single than I already am. I remember holding the ring in my hand. Its significance is indeed strong and when I put it on, I felt its moral weight.

I had to wear the ring in order to be able to cast a spell that night. So throughout the day, the ring talked to me about loyalty, companion-ship, love, trust, honor … here and there, the ring shot sparkles of sunlight, always keeping me in check.
I remember thinking: “Could I possibly ever, do anything negative with this ring on?” The ring certainly represents loyalty.
Now, that somehow the ring found its way back on my finger, after months of being gone (I had returned it to its rightful owner after it was lent to me for the needed spell), I once again feel that moral heaviness. I look at this fairly simple, thin, white-gold wedding band and I do wonder if all wedding-bands have this power in them: to remind one to do what is right …
Wearing a wedding-band has a personal significance for me: as I practice celibacy and abstinence, the ring on my hand signifies that I am not looking for a partner in any way, shape or form. Indeed, I have already given my soul to the Great Spirit: I am a Warrior of the Light.



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Tuesday 6th September 2011

Post #3



I am not a big fan of clichés but if I had to pick one which I like, I would have to say that it is the one that says: “Be careful what you wish for”. I think it holds much truth and I encourage people to give it some thought. Everything depends on what we think and what we wish.
I was driving along about three years ago, by myself as usual and I was thinking about things: Life, myself, what I have done, what I was doing and what I wanted to do. I thought about all the things I considered useless in my life and about things I thought were important. Then, at some point I asked myself the question of: “If I had one wish, what would it be?”
I was stuck. I did not know right away. It wasn’t easy to come-up with an answer because I am not a materialistic person. I could care less about owning castles or having billions of dollars. I did not even have a bank account at the time – I only worked with cash. So, I tried to be honest with myself and come-up with an answer to the question, which truly made me happy. I wanted an answer that was pure and one that was not tied to any other specific reason.
Suddenly, I said to myself: “I wish that I can foresee the future.” It felt like I had almost surprised myself with that answer. It felt good though and I smiled.
“Yes”, I thought to myself … “I would like that: to foresee the future! That would be amazing.”
I thought about the problems which would arise with that. I thought about the fact that I would feel under a great amount of pressure if I knew something bad was going to happen. I would be put in a situation where I would have to act in such a way that, whatever I saw as “bad” in the future would have to be neutralized or at least confronted in some way. Still, the wish remained in my mind and heart as something that I wanted and I welcomed.
I am a fiend for knowledge. I want to know everything: everything about everything. Yes, I think I am a little greedy when it comes to knowledge but perhaps it is not greed and just my extraordinary curiosity trait, which is such a gigantic part of who I am. Curiosity gets the better of me many times. I think I am lucky to be able to calm it down with a dose of reason and logic – otherwise, I might be tempted to go swimming in a pool of lava: just to see what it would be like.
About a year or so passed from the time I had made the wish and I had forgotten all about it. It perhaps got categorized as one of my many nutty thoughts and got filed in my memory folder. I was in Cuba (the winter of 2009) when I was submerged in the world of dreams. I had an extremely vivid dream out of which I woke-up sweating. It was not a nightmare but it was a dream that felt unbelievably real. What was also different was that I almost never remember my dreams. Before 2009, I can say I probably had a hand-full of dreams which I remembered. That is in a period of thirty years of being alive. A hand-full of dreams is not much so, I remember them and I also remember that I don’t usually remember them.
I did not think too much about it – just another weird experience to add to my many weird experiences. My life is been strange in many ways – I do not try to understand it. I just accept it. After a few days there though, I had another such dream. It was as if I was beginning to live my dreams.
I returned to Toronto feeling a little odd. I began to dream often and every dream was just as real as what I call reality when my eyes are opened and I am not sleeping. That was still not so strange until what I was dreaming about, began happening. I dreamed meetings with politicians (I was never involved in politics) and I had many meeting with politicians in the past two years. I also dreamed planes and even found myself day-dreaming about planes. It turned out that I have climbed on and off at least a dozen planes in the last year and a half. I do not pre-plan my trips much; they just seem to happen. I still see planes … I barely get off a plane and get home, only to find out that I will have to fly again.
Then, there are the nightmares. I have had hellish re-occurring nightmares in the last two years to the point that I can consciously think in my dream that I know It and that I will overcome It (the nightmare). One of these re-occurring nightmares involved a spirit of some sort trying to kill me. I have never experienced such pain and panic in my entire life. To feel that in my dreams was almost beyond belief. I was pissed-off though. My own Spirit was angry: an attempted murder on itself was not appreciated.
Since the dreams did not seem to cease, I started looking for a reason for them or a commonality in all of them. With time passing, most of my dreams have slowly turned into reality: that is the overwhelming commonality amongst them. Now I am fully aware that I can sometimes foresee the future. My dreams tell me things about the world and about myself which for me are simply price-less. It took over a year of analyzing my thoughts, dreams and daily events to come to that understanding but now that I do, life has gotten much easier.
I no longer have to look into the future by dreaming. The best way is when I suspend my judgment/ego and with complete purity in the heart and clarity in my mind, I see.
I think my wish came true.


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Date: 21/01/2012 | By: Lizzet aka reikieffect

When I read your email about wishes...I remembered what my reiki teacher told me once (I wanted to see auras and be able to see the spirits, in fact, I wanted to be a witch since I was a kid) "Every gift has its consequences...maybe you are not ready to handle that"
I still do not perceive auras regularly; when I need that knowledge it comes to me. I agree with you, wishes must be pure and for the highest and greater good. Namaste

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Sunday 28th August 2011

Post #2


These are the words of a sorcerer, Don Juan:


"I promised my father that I would live to destroy his assassins. I carried that promise with me for years. Now the promise has changed. I'm no longer interested in destroying anybody. I don't hate the Mexicans. I don't hate anyone. I have learned that the countless paths one traverses in one's life are all equal. Opressors and opressed meet at the end. And the only thing that prevails is that life was altogether too short for both. Today I feel sad not because my mother and father died the way they did; I feel sad because they were Indians. They lived like Indians and died like Indians and never knew that they were, before anything else, men."

     Peace and Love,


            I  (Mr. Happy)




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Saturday 27th August 2011

Post #1

Putting a Ceiling on our Desires is the Path to Freedom

( an e-mail sent to Spirit Whisperer from Johannes)


 "What makes us unhappy is to want. Yet if we learned to cut our wants to nothing, the smallest thing we'd get would be a true gift ... To be poor or wanting is only a thought; and so is to hate, or to be hungry, or to be in pain ... It is up to the individual to oppose the forces of our lives ... Only a warrior can survive. A warrior knows that he is waiting and what he is waiting for ..."



  So, I am waiting. While waiting though, I do participate in this three dimensional perspective, as you do. By simply exchanging emails, we are participating in this Matrix. We are both aware that we are participating in the Matrix. I laughed when I saw you comment on my blog after I mentioned something about "greedy pig-fuckers" - I love the expression: it is so creatively vulgar! It has a personality of its own: that of Hunter S. Thompson who coined it and who is one of my most favorite writers.

  Do I care about Hub-pages? No. Do I care about my Dunhills? No. Writing? No. Do I care about our specie? lol No. These are all follies.
  I have dropped everything a while ago, not even knowing why at the time. I am just making conversations for now, while waiting. Otherwise, I could go to the forest and meditate until the time comes and interact with nobody. That could work just as fine but if I did that, this conversation (for one) would have never existed and for some reason it is necessary - I can accept things not only as true but as necessary. There is very little of concern to me right now, except that I use whatever little patience I have, to wait.

  I can do nothing or something - it does not matter (for now). "I have learned that the countless paths one traverses in one's life are all equal."

  Here's another quote that explains a little about myself. The first element guiding my path has always been Air.

  "If air fosters quarrels, it's because people harbor differences which need to be openly discussed or "aired". Few people like to quarrel; and most of us prefer to sweep differences under the rug and hope for the best. Unfortunately the rug technique doesn't work. Suppressed feelings fester and then explode at inappropriate places ... But an explosion, however inappropriate, is infinitely preferable to suppression, which cuts-off communication all together."


   I like breaking stereo-types and being unpredictable - probably my most favorite follies.





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